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Looking for the Holy Grail in guitar-tone?

You finally found the source of pure, all tube-driven

guitar-amplification and modification!

Do you still remember how many guitar amps you bought in your life? All these fancy amps that promised to be the solution for your sound-problems. But did they ever keep those promises?

Now you have finally found the place to get that amplifier, that you never want to miss again!!

"The Projoleo Series"

High-end Guitar-amplifiers build for eternity

Some facts:

Pure high-end tube technology, no transistors in the signal-path

All handmade in Germany

Every amplifier is unique and designed to your wishes

Only high-end parts

Extremely low-noise design

1 - 3 Channels with individual sound-characters

     Sound-characters: clean, classic, cream, cheeze, breeze     

Modification of tube amplifiers

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