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The Conception


We don't want to discuss the old issue "Tube or Transistor?", which is going on for generations under guitar players, bass players and other amplifier owners or users. The reason is, that apart from the fact that all guitar amps that were part of musical history were based on tube technology, for our decision the reasons of the sound were in the first place. In the following you will find some comments concerning my conception: All amplifier modifications and self developments are based on pure tube circuits; generally no transistors or other semiconductors are used on the signal path! Due to the particular construction and the special quality of the high end circuit technology not only an excellent sound has been achieved with particular sound variation but also a matchless signal noise distance that has not been beaten to this day. Even in some popular amps of the noble class you can still hear hum and noise. One reason for this significant difference is the use of very high-grade and long lived parts (tubes, resistors, capacitors, relais, switches, potentiometers, sleeves, connectors). Only because of that, Leonardy Electronics can ensure a long warranty for all developments, modifications and repairs.






LEONARDY ELECTRONICS offers on principle individual conceptions, developments and modifications for guitar players and other amplifier users. All the usual amplifier types (Marshall, Fender, Soldano, Bogner, Vox, Mesa/Boogie, Hiwatt, Engl, Kitty Hawk and all those which will follow) can be modified on the individuell needs of the musician in every respect.




Projoleo JL3
Projoleo 4.3 SL

High End guitar amplifiers in pure tube technology

*     Sound
is the first priority for our developments. Therefore only tube technology is used.

*     Sound Variation
due to enormous effective equalizer and different switch possibilities. The power amp works with different kinds of Power Tubes: 6V6, 6L6GC, EL34, 6550, KT88 and KT100.

*     Low Noise Technology
due to the use of High End Technology and a special shielding. Hum and noise are reduced as good as technically possible.

*     Long-life and Reliability
due to high qualitative big dimensioned electronic parts and parts of high grade steel. A fan which is temperatur regulated cools the electronic.

*     Open System/Extensions
due the open design of the amplifier. Adaption of the amplifier to every sound imagination.

*     Ground-/Earth- problems
don't appear because ground of the chassis and the ground of the electronics are separated and every Input or Output can be mounted with High End Audio Transformers.

*     P.A.S.C.- Technology
our unique P.A.S.C.-Technology (Poweramp Saturation Circuit) makes it possible to use poweramp distortion and punch at moderate volume levels.

Price Sheet Modifications

Info Projoleo JL3

Picture: Front of the Projoleo 4.3SL

Picture: Back of the Projoleo 4.3SL


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